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About the system

Solo Secure is a product that was created by Mysoft Systems in 2010 to address an issue that our access control clients were experiancing.

When our client purchases an access control system, they are obviously attempting to control access to a secure area. For some of our clients, a simple door with a doorstrike or magnetic lock is sufficient, however in areas in need of high security or where access to a facility is for paid members only, there is a need to have a full height turnstile. The issue with the full height turnstile is that due to the variance in size of different people, the turnstile must be large enough to allow entry for a larger person and in such a scenario 2 or sometimes 3 people may enter together through the full height turnstile. This in turn renders a high security area no longer as secure and takes away from the profits in scenarios of paid entry.

Our solution to this issue is our patent pending SoloSecure© multi person detection system. This system may be used with some existing turnstiles and will be available pre-installed with turnstiles from our partner turnstile manufacturers.

The system is available as a standalone system which can give an output to your existing system notifying that multiple people were detected entering through the turnstile at once, the existing system would then have to be programmed to immediately close the turnstile.

the ability for this system to work with your existing turnstile and/or access control depends primarily upon the machanics of your existing turnstile - if the machanics allow, modifications may be made that would allow the system to have limited functionality regarding stopping and then again allowing entery.

The system is also available with our access control systems, this allows full control over the entry and provides for means to:

Ø  Stop entry 

Ø  Sound an alarm

Ø  Trap or allow exit

Ø  Option to re-allow entry once 2 people are no longer detected

Ø  Capture photo of Authorized/Unauthorized persons so that management may warn or revoke member status.

Our patent pending system is built using dynamic technology that will detect objects that may be occluded, it will detect attempts to fool the system by covering over 2 bodies to make it look like one. The system uses multiple methods and algorithms that are consistantly being "fine tuned" to lower FRR (False Reject Rate) and FAR (False Accept Rate). Our patent pending technology will work in low or no light conditions.



Ø  Compatible with most existing turnstiles

Ø  Easy to retrofit existing turnstiles

Ø  System may be used as standalone system or integrated with Mysoft Access control system

Ø  Dynamic system is able to adapt to different settings, locations and challenges.

Ø  In security critical applications, with a bi-direction turnstile, system may temporarily "lock" the intruder(s) in the turnstile until security personel arrive [this lock has a time limit due to safety concerns]

Ø  Reporting mode will allow operation to continue, but will just gather statistics and gather evidence of those abusing their entry privlages.


Our software consists of a sofisticated set of functions and algoriths that look at feeds from multiple sensors and inputs to determine if there are multiple people in the entry portion of the turnstile at any given time. The software has options for how to treat the detection of multiple persons: close, re-open when clear, report, take photo, lock.

Our software may be customized to fit any specific needs your company may have.

For more information on this product, please contact us.